Kisima Junior School Creative and Design Lab Skills Training Program (September – November 2021)


The Creative and Design Lab Skills Training Program conducted by Kisima Junior School in partnership with Bbaale Foundation spanned from September to November 2021. This initiative aimed to empower 24 girls and 12 boys, aged between 11-16 years, in hairdressing, tailoring, and carpentry skills. The program envisioned creating a safe space for older children who had been at home for several months, mitigating the risks of exposure to abusive environments.


In January 2018, Kisima Junior School, in collaboration with Bbaale Foundation, successfully trained a group of 70 individuals in hairdressing. This earlier endeavor included teenage girls, young and older women, and even a few men. The positive outcome saw the trainees establish mobile salons, thereby sustaining themselves financially.


  1. Empowerment Through Skills:

    • Equip 36 children and youths with skills that would soon enable them to earn income independently, reducing the risk of engaging in exploitative transactions.
  2. Problem Solving Skills:

    • Instill problem-solving skills using the design thinking model among young people.
  3. Creativity and Innovation:

    • Inspire and promote creativity and innovativeness to awaken the inner abilities of young people, boosting their self-esteem.

Logical Framework

Field Activities and Achievements


  • Skills Learned:

    • Introduction to hairdressing.
    • Various types of hairstyles and their purposes.
    • Hair hygiene practices.
  • Competencies Developed:

    • Creativity.
    • Teamwork.
  • Outputs/Products:

    • Children and common women hairstyles.


  • Skills Learned:

    • Introduction to tailoring.
    • Crafting clothes from papers.
    • Creating African dresses, shirts, and repairing torn clothes.
  • Competencies Developed:

    • Creativity.
    • Teamwork.
  • Outputs/Products:

    • Handcrafted clothes.


  • Skills Learned:

    • General knowledge of tools and the purpose of carpentry.
    • Crafting bunker beds.
  • Competencies Developed:

    • Introduction to wood carving.
    • Craft making.
  • Outputs/Products:

    • Handcrafted wooden items.


The Creative and Design Lab Skills Training Program successfully empowered children and youths with valuable skills. The past-tense overview showcases the achievements and outcomes of this initiative, laying the foundation for future levels of training and skill development.

For a more detailed exploration, please refer to the complete report.