Bbaale Foundation Uganda Report (January – April 2021)

A Year of Rebuilding Hope and Resilience

In the period spanning January to April 2021, Bbaale Foundation Uganda embarked on a mission to rebuild hope and resilience among vulnerable children. The report outlines the impact of the global pandemic, COVID-19, on orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda and the strategic interventions deployed by Bbaale Foundation and its partners.


The year 2021 posed significant challenges, urging Bbaale Foundation to plan and invest urgently in the next generation. The foundation focused on making children resilient to thrive in a rapidly changing world, becoming catalysts for positive change in their lives, families, communities, and the nation.

COVID-19 Response

Support during School Closure

  • Schools were closed due to the pandemic, prompting Bbaale Foundation to mobilize support.
  • A combination of food items, study materials, and cash for small businesses was provided to ensure children’s safety, well-being, and continued learning.
  • Special emphasis was placed on supporting families engaged in small businesses.

Empowering Through Farming

  • A courageous step was taken to empower children in farming during the lockdown.
  • Juliet Nazziwa, one of the beneficiaries, pioneered rearing improved breed pigs as a sustainable income source for her future.
  • The initiative aimed to break the cycle of young women engaging in transactional relationships for survival.

Skills Training

Emphasis on Skills Development

  • Bbaale Foundation prioritized skills training for children to prepare them for the changing demands of the world.
  • A soap-making training session was organized in February, with plans for ongoing vocational courses in secondary school curricula.

Schools Reopening

  • From March onwards, children gradually returned to schools, catching up on their studies.
  • All sponsored children reported back to school, marking a positive step toward normalcy.

The Creative and Design Lab

Vision for Change

  • Recognizing the evolving needs of children, Bbaale Foundation envisioned the Creative and Design Lab to revolutionize education experiences.
  • The lab was designed to merge knowledge, wisdom, and physical skills using the Design Thinking model.

Four Sections of the Lab

  1. Carpentry Section:

    • Equipping children with basic carpentry and woodworking skills.
    • Ambitious goal: Providing bunker beds for all children, addressing a prevalent need.
  2. Recycling Section:

    • Innovating and transforming waste into usable items.
    • Teaching environmental responsibility and resourcefulness.
  3. Computer Section:

    • Equipping children with computer use skills, including graphics design and 3D printing.
  4. Electronics Section:

    • Unlocking the world of electronics for children through hands-on experiences.

Call for Support

  • Bbaale Foundation appealed for support in the form of items for the lab’s setup.

Budget Estimates for Creative and Design Lab

  • Detailed budget estimates were provided for items such as trainer allowances, tools, machines, and materials for each section of the lab.


The period from January to April 2021 stands as a testament to Bbaale Foundation’s unwavering commitment to building a resilient future for vulnerable children in Uganda. The foundation’s strategic initiatives, from COVID-19 response to skills training and the visionary Creative and Design Lab, reflect a holistic approach to empowerment.

For a more in-depth understanding, we encourage you to explore the complete report.