Year of Sharing Hope – Addressing the Impact of COVID19

COVID19 has significantly impacted families worldwide, and Uganda is no exception. Children, in particular, faced challenges such as limited access to education, separation from families, and hunger due to government restrictions. The Bbaale Foundation, dedicated to supporting vulnerable children, worked tirelessly to address these issues.

Impact of COVID19 on Children in Uganda:

  1. Education Disruption: Government restrictions led to school closures, affecting children’s access to education.
  2. Teenage Pregnancies: Over 6000 teenage girls reported pregnancies during the lockdown.
  3. Increased Child Abuse: Lockdowns resulted in a surge in child abuse cases, some leading to tragic outcomes.

Bbaale Foundation’s Response:

  1. Basic Care Incentives: Provided sanitary items, food, clothing, and self-study materials to sponsored and vulnerable children.
  2. Local Partnerships: Collaborated with local partners to address long-term impacts on children.
  3. Weekly Cell Meetings: Supported meetings where children prayed, encouraged each other, and were trained as child ambassadors.
  4. Promoting Foster Care: Encouraged families to foster at-risk and separated children.
  5. Piggery Project: Launched a piggery project to empower families caring for vulnerable grandchildren.
  6. Medical Care Interventions: Assisted beneficiary families in accessing medical care during the crisis.

Testimonials and Stories:

  • Nazziwa Juliet: Shared her experience of enjoying cell meetings, finding support, and engaging in farming.
  • Lawrence’s Story: Highlighted the challenges of a boy who found refuge with a supportive couple after family separation.

Future Initiatives:

  1. Christmas Get-Together: Planning a Christmas celebration to connect with children and provide gifts.
  2. School Term 1: Awaiting official confirmation for the return of all children to school.

This report showcases the resilience and dedication of the Bbaale Foundation in providing essential support and creating sustainable initiatives for the well-being of vulnerable children in Uganda.