Current Projects

Year of Sharing Hope - Addressing the Impact of COVID19

Bbaale Foundation Uganda Report (2020) COVID19 has significantly impacted families in Uganda, especially children. The Bbaale Foundation worked diligently to provide basic care incentives, including sanitary items, food, clothing, and self-study materials. The foundation also initiated programs to address the long-term impacts of the crisis, such as weekly cell meetings, promoting foster care, a piggery project, and medical care interventions.

Empowering Children Through Education

Bbaale Foundation Uganda Update Report (Education and Skills Training - 15th September 2022) This report highlights the efforts made by Bbaale Foundation to support education and skills training for children in Mpigi District. It covers the return of sponsored children to school, medical challenges faced, and the importance of intentional caregivers, psychosocial support, spiritual discipleship, mentorship, and monitoring. The report also discusses the Creative and Design Lab at Kisima Junior School and various activities conducted, including sports competitions and mentorship camps.

A Year of Rebuilding Hope and Resilience

Bbaale Foundation Uganda Report (January - April 2021) This report reflects on the challenges faced by vulnerable children during the COVID19 pandemic and how Bbaale Foundation responded. It emphasizes the importance of skills training, supporting small businesses, and empowering children to become resilient. The report also discusses the upcoming Creative and Design Lab, aimed at providing a solution center for children's mental and creative development.

Empowering Through Practical Skills

Kisima Junior School Creative and Design Lab Skills Training Program (September - November 2021) Kisima Junior School, in collaboration with the Bbaale Foundation, initiated a vocational training program focusing on hairdressing, tailoring, and carpentry skills for 36 children and youths. The report outlines the logical framework, objectives, and budget estimates for the program. It aims to empower participants with income-generating skills, problem-solving abilities, and a sense of creativity.