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Bbaale Foundation was founded by Bryan S Lwanga, it’s sole purpose is to transform lives of vulnerable children and youths. Bryan grew up in Bbaale, a small village in the Wakiso district.
Although he  is not living there anymore ,he still has a heart for his people, the urgent need of the increasing number of orphans and street children and the high rate of  youth unemployment led to a vision to support people from this area especially the children and youths.

Working together with local people, we try to make a change for better lives.

Bbaale Foundation wants to support, educate, motivate and inspire youths and children of Wakiso with an aim of driving them to success. This will ultimately result into competent leaders, entrepreneurs and self-reliant individuals who will then help to bridge the unemployment gap and as well be productive to the society.


To transform  lives of vulnerable children and youths.


To eradicate extreme poverty through education and empowering  youths to be self-reliant.

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